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Arne, 20 December 2011
Uganda Uganda , Kampala 29°

The last word

Dear friends,

It has been three years since I last wrote a message on this blog.

In fact, that is a good thing, because it means that I have been busy writing other things (articles as well as paid blogs) so there was little time left to write funny stories on this one.

You can still read my articles on my website, check me out on Facebook or Twitter: @arneuganda or just drop an e-mail once in a while:

I'll soon shut down this website, to make sure I don't have a whole string of in-active websites everywhere.

For everybody who has been following this blog: Thanks and I wish you a great Christmas/Chanukah and all the best in the new year 2012.

It will be the year in which I celebrate my first 5 years as an Africa correspondent, and still alive and kickin' at least!


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ton moolenaar

20 December 2011

Dag Arne,

Dank voor je attent bericht.
Ik zal je site regelmatig checken.
Veel geluk met je vrouw en dochter (wier namen mij natuurlijk niet spontaan te binnen willen schieten!),
en een goede gezondheid toegewenst voor u en de Uwen.
Take Care ,
It's a jungle out there!


14 May 2012

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Then i will send you my picture.I await your reply soon.babyvine


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